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A Clean Kitchen

I hate my kitchen right now. Reluctantly, I’ve been able to get myself in there to prepare a few farmer’s market inspired meals and bake a cheesecake, but otherwise, I don’t want to even step foot in it. Last week I spotted a mouse on my counter. MY COUNTER. By my dishes and my coffee maker and my olive oil and my cute dish towels. I’ve scrubbed and disinfected. I’ve set up traps, patched holes, and the exterminator is coming soon. I’m trying to not let such a little thing get me down. But I’m still just so disgusted and frustrated by it.

So today I’m dreaming of these kitchens. Where things are clean and sparkly and it’s a treat to cook a meal. Let’s go there. And if you have a kitchen like this, please have me over. I’ll make you spaghetti and a soufflé.

Taste Design kitchenAlbourne House West Sussex - kitchen cabinetsTraditional Home kitchenAshley Stark kitchen in Elle DecorIsabella Favaro KitchenBHG white kitchenRyan's blue and white kitchen

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Spot On Happiness

When life feels like this…

FUCK! I'm in my twenties…it’s so refreshing when you can actually pin point the things that make you feel a certain way. I can’t do a whole lot of that recently, but here’s one instance that I can. These spotted neutrals make me so happy. They’re sophisticated, sexy and playful.

spots and dots

confused lifeflats | ring | clutch | bracelet | rug | bag | bow | pencil cup | chocolate chunk cookies | party cups | top

Totally taking a cue from these fun picks. And now I’m totally going to make peanut butter chunk cookies while wearing a sparkly bow.

Clarity Space

I rarely go for all-neutral spaces. But with a pounding headache and an apartment that looks like a tornado has passed through it, I’m finding some clarity in these simple spaces. Wishing us all an uncomplicated Wednesday.

Jamie Herzlinger's white bedroom Apartment Therapywhite tulip table dining room zebra sitting there - Thibaut wallpaperwhite dining space Apartment Therapy

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Independence Day

I love any holiday when you can walk down the street and be wearing the same colors and type of outfit as everyone else and you’re not completely embarrassed by it! Embrace the patriotic. Have a spectacular and safe holiday!

4th of July Independence Day red white blue teen vogue stripes stars

{Image thanks to: Teen Vogue}