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Away on the Lake {Note to Self}

Hello everyone, Sarah of Note to Self here. Over on my blog I have a hypothetical vacation feature called “Escape to…” and Nikki thought it might be fun to do one in honor of her trip out to the midwest. Without further ado, let’s escape to the lake!

Note to Self: Escape to the Lake

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Thanks for having me, Nikki!

Nantucket Notebook

So we just had an earthquake in DC. Crazy. It was pretty freaky and now I’m home, reading and watching the “aftermath” ha. And this weekend we’re supposed to be getting a pretty intense hurricane. What is this?

So let’s celebrate the tame and happy bits of life, with images from my wonderful trip to Nantucket. Just a few beauties to remind us of the good things that mother nature brings…Well, until next year, ACK!


Nantucket Brights

Hello from my favorite place on earth, Nantucket Island. Today it’s a bit rainy and windy, which is just fine by me. I love a cool summer day here (especially after the awful DC heat) as long as I get a few beach days in this week. I’ll be heading into town soon today and I know I’ll see some bright colors and bold patterns from my favorite shops. I’m looking forward to sharing what I find, but for now, here’s a little of island inspired brights. Against the grey houses, fog and white hydrangeas, I love the way that these preppy colors pop!

{Image thanks to: Matchbook Mag, Glitter Guide, Jose Villa, Martha Stewart}

Outdoor Nantucket Kitchen

Just two more weeks until my family vacation on Nantucket! There are some fantastic restaurants on the island, which I’m sure I’ll tell you about later, but my family still loves to cook at home. These meals are usually the best ones of vacation, where we all pitch in and create something fantastic with the freshest seafood and produce. If only we were cooking in this gorgeous, to-die-for outdoor kitchen! Do we still have time to change our house rental…?

{Image thanks to House Beautiful}