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The Skirt

One perk of my (newish and amazing) job is the casual setting but I’ll be honest that I miss dressing up a little. I can’t remember the last time I wore a skirt. But the holidays are coming up and I should make an excuse to dress up a little…even if it’s just out to dinner with my girlfriends. These girls are doing it right, with added volume, texture, and color. Totally making me want to leave my jeans at home!

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Fall Skirts

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Fall in Black & White

I’ve been living in neutrals recently. Cozy gray sweaters, black leggings with leather accents, an occasional leopard print, studded loafers, fluffy cream scarves. When life is crazy and you’re just running from meetings to events to dates to dinners to, it’s just easier. Simple. Chic. And surprisingly cozy. It doesn’t have to be boring one bit. A few of my current faves….

Fall in black & white

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Spring It On

One of the little tasks I want to complete while on my mini vacation is organizing my online life a bit…grouping blogs together in my reader, starting some twitter lists, making sense of some pinterest boards that are now over three years old, etc. As I’m separating out my style board into seasons (OCD much? yeah, you’ve done it too) I’m becoming more and more excited for spring. Brighter colors, no more coats, fresh air, lighter layers. I’m so ready. Spring it on.

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Spring it On! Mint, printed pants, silver heels Cupcakes for Breakfast: Spring it On! gray sparkle sweatshirt Cupcakes for Breakfast: Spring it On! leather skirt, citron sweater, loafers Cupcakes for Breakfast: Spring it On! pastels Cupcakes for Breakfast: Spring it On! navy sweater, pink swing skirtCupcakes for Breakfast: Spring it On! denim jacket, pink maxi skirt

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Spring it On! navy and white striped dress, trench

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Feeling Full for Fall

While flipping though some old magazines this week, I came across this photo from Marie Claire in March 2009 that I instantly was drawn to a second time. Bright full skirt, graphic tee, pop of pattern, a red lip, and baubles. This could easily be my early fall uniform.

full skirt in Marie Claire March 2009

I often shy away from full skirts because I think they look best with heels, and let’s be honest, how often do I actually wear those? But a full skirt is just so ladylike and these below are such eye candy. I love the idea of pairing them with a tee and structured blazer or cropped suede jacket. And the gold sequined one? I die. Can you pick a favorite?

 full skirts for fall

pink striped mesh skirt | striped satin skirt | striped cotton jersey skirtsequined silk-chiffon skirt | floral silk-voile skirt | posh pleat skirt

Salt Lake Style

I’m heading to Salt Lake City today for a work conference. While I’m ready for spring in DC, I guess I’ll have to embrace the winter weather again for this weekend. My uniform will pretty much be skinnies, a loose blouse, cardigan, short chunky boots, and of course my faux fur vest. I just can’t get enough of this perfect furry, fun accent. It’s probably the only reason I want it to stay cold out there…

fur vest winter style salt lake city trip

{Image thanks to: See Jane, Wendy’s Lookbook, Rosie Huntington, the Day Book, Blonde BeadheadOlivia Palermo, Mariannan}