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Daily Inpsiration

life is a dance

I found this page yesterday from this fun writing/art project I did my freshmen year of college. Here’s what I meant…life is moving, sometimes still, improvisational and deliberate, flowing, emotional, hard work, full of patterns, sometimes solo, sometimes with others, meaningful, like a story. I don’t dance anymore but I stil completely get this. And it almost makes me want to put on my tap shoes again…

Have a great Monday. Don’t forget to VOTE tomorrow if you haven’t already!

Daily Inspiration

One can find so many pains when the rain is falling John Steinbeck

This quote by John Steinbeck couldn’t be more true. You can easily feel lonely and reflective during a rain storm. But I also have found many great things today through the rain and I’m very thankful for them. Now just have to brave the rest of the storm. What are you doing to pass the time inside? Stay safe, warm, and dry!


Daily Inspiration

Happy Monday, friends. Are we ready to do this? I just got back from a wonderful weekend away with my family for a wedding. It’s so nice to escape (if only for two days) from stress and annoyances, to be surrounded by happiness and people who love each other. It was much needed.

Today’s inspiration comes from a poem that was read at this weekend’s wedding. I love its passion and how it is encouragement to be optimistic for this kind of love…a beautiful and positive way to start this surely exciting week. And we all need a little dose of that, right?

The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

image | poem

Daily Inspiration

simplicity is the highest form of sophistication - Lucinda Scala Brown of Martha Stewart

While this sentiment isn’t new, it certainly resonated with me while at Alt Summit last week during a discussion with Lucinda Scala Quinn and other Martha Stewart editors. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more inspiration from Alt, but for now I’ll be thinking of this idea especially while baking and writing. And if you’re looking for something sweet to share, this coffee meringue ice cream cake would be a perfect treat for a simple gathering this week. How else will you bring simplicity to your life this week? Happy Monday!