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Art to Inspiration

Today I’m participating in yet another fun group blogging project. Supal promoted us with this stunning painting below by Hiroshi Matsumoto. I’m not always drawn to red, but this piece immediately reminded me of the power of this bold color. It also screamed Anthropologie to me. While I could never go all-red with anything, I’m a big fan of pops of the color throughout the home. I’m so crushing on these colorful and artful accents that go hand in hand with this striking painting.

Hiroshi Matsumoto December 2010 - 4 painting art to inspirationDecember 2010 – 4 by Hiroshi Matsumoto

anthropologie color accents

 whisk | measuring spoons | cheese knives | ipad casemini latte bowls | pillow

If you’d like to be a part of of this blogger series, get in touch with Supal and she’ll get you on board for March!