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Art to Inspiration

I kind of love March’s “Art to Inspiration” feature – it speaks to me so perfectly, especially right now. You see, I work with these colors all day, every day. Gold and Navy. Buff and Blue. I like to say that I work in “collegiate fashion” – it’s a little more glamorous. Which is what I’m trying to do, really. Make t-shirts and athletic logos feel fun and stylish. Nonetheless, when I’m not promoting GW merchandise, I still encourage wearing these fantastic colors. So my wardrobe is filled with hues from this stellar painting, and I absolutely think you should add them to your closet this spring with these four fabulous dresses…

“Moonlight” by HENSE

buff blue navy gold dresses art to inspiration

one | two | three | four

For more of one of my favorite color combinations, follow this pinterest board. And to join in on the Art to Inspiration project, sign up here.