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Side by Side: Tropical Getaway

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Side by Side – macaron tower and missoni dress

macaron tower // Missoni dress

I was hoping to go somewhere warm for a few days between jobs. Sit on a beach, not think or talk very much, soak up sun, drink pineapple juice with an little umbrella in it, reboot, wear something light and bright like this dress. Well unfortunately the beach thing isn’t going to happen this week, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get some good relaxing in on my couch in New Jersey. Spring/new job shopping with my mom, pizza, finally reading a book club book, and a day in NYC won’t be too bad either. Vacation is what you make it.

Eating Red: Araceli Paz

Happy Monday friends. I’m ready and wishing for a bright and lively week. How about you? Right now I can’t get enough of the styled food photography by Araceli Paz, but I’m especially crushing on these images in tasty shades of red. Stunning. And mouth-watering. A few of my favorites…

Cupcakes for Breakfast: araceli paz red food styling – sorbet dessert and figsaraceli paz red food styling – raspberries and macaronsCupcakes for Breakfast: araceli paz red food styling – cocktail and chili peppers

Side by Side: Gold Dust on Rosy Pink

A dusting of gold over a pink backdrop makes everything sweeter…

Remember this for your next manicure, for prettying up simple desserts, or your next art project.

pink gold macarons oscar de la renta dress

Sweet and Saucy Shop macarons // Oscar de da Renta dress

I’m getting back into the swing of life after being away for a few days. For highlights from my trip to Utah, check out and follow me on instagram. I think this week will provide much needed inspiration for some upcoming posts…I’ve got some fun things planned! Looking forward to being back in it all.

Be My Valentine {Chevrons & Éclairs}

We’re ending this week with a fun little brunch party by Supal from Chevrons and Éclairs. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back next week to continue this blogging love bash. Supal is a blogging newbie, but you would never know it. She has such great style and a refreshingly positive outlook on life. Something we all need for Valentine’s Day!

• • •

Valentine's Day Chevrons & Éclairs guest post brunch
Welcome to the Valentine’s day brunch hosted by Nikki and yours truly, Supal of Chevrons & Éclairs! I am so excited to be here today and am honored when Nikki asked me what my v-day plans were. Well, less talking. Come on in!


Valentine's Day Chevrons & Éclairs guest post brunch


I thought I’d start off what a very special bellini! Strawberry and mint bellini are perfect for Valentines day. When I think of Valentine’s day, I imagine bright, soft colors and berries [for some reason]. This is absolutely refreshing, the sweetness from the strawberries and citrus from the prosecco is a perfect marriage with the cool, minty flavor. You can find my recipe here!

Valentine's Day Chevrons & Éclairs guest post brunch


I hope you’re ready for the scrumptious brunch! The bright, gilded tableware is an ideal set up for valentine’s day. Flowers are the perfect table accessory with this china set.

Valentine's Day Chevrons & Éclairs guest post brunch


For brunch, I thought I would go with something hearty [drinking all those bellinis] and green. For some reason, in February I’m itching for some green outside. I’m obviously looking forward to spring, and the asparagus and spinach with bell pepper sauce takes me to a spring time gathering.

I hope you’re feeling good after the brunch and bellinis! My favorite valentine’s day memory was when I was in college. I was swamped with papers and homework the night before valentine’s day and failed to get/make any valentine’s for my friends. All of my friends had gotten chocolates, made cards, went all out! I knew I wanted to do something different, so I took a bold move and put on some hot red lipstick and gave everyone kisses on the cheeks as a valentine! Creepy? Yeah, it was. But, I was in college!

Valentine's Day Chevrons & Éclairs guest post brunch

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I am so glad you stopped by, but before you leave, please take one of our favors with you! I made raspberry macarons [recipe here] and thought it would be a cute, little idea to pack them up in mason jars. You can a print out of the mason jar tags here!

Well, I hope you had a great time. I’m so happy you came over! Thank Nikki for having me. Would love to have you all over at my place, next year.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!