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Outdoor Nantucket Kitchen

Just two more weeks until my family vacation on Nantucket! There are some fantastic restaurants on the island, which I’m sure I’ll tell you about later, but my family still loves to cook at home. These meals are usually the best ones of vacation, where we all pitch in and create something fantastic with the freshest seafood and produce. If only we were cooking in this gorgeous, to-die-for outdoor kitchen! Do we still have time to change our house rental…?

{Image thanks to House Beautiful}

Kitchen Dreaming

I’ve been having some bakers-block in the kitchen recently. While I can’t decide on something sweet to make next, I have been dreaming about some fantastic little kitchens I’d like to spend some time cooking in.

It might be time to just get out my favorite cookbooks, put out some fresh herbs and flowers, wipe down my counters and get baking…

{Image thanks to: LCY, CreateGirl, City Sage, From Me To You, Apartment Therapy}

One Fishs, Two Fishs…

I love fishs. (yes I spelled that right…keep reading)

For my birthday last month, I spent the day in NYC with my parents. We went out for a late lunch/early dinner at Pipa, a great Spanish tapas restaurant before seeing Billy Elliot (ah, fell in love!). The sangria and coquettes were excellent, but so was the decor. Maybe a hundred ornate chandeliers hung from the ceiling, which made sense because it was connected to ABC Carpet & Home. My trip there actually deserves it’s own post because seriously, it was like a rite of passage going there for the first time. (Don’t know how that never happened before!) Fell in love with so many things including a fabulous Maleline Weinrib rug I *must* own one day – that also deserves a post of its own.

My point? I also visited Fishs Eddy for the first time – which must be a NYC favorite and also a rite of passage. I fell in love with this store for its simple kitchen ware and whimsical details. Seriously, it is fantastic. And cheap. And you must go if you love to cook or host. (Bonus points if you live in a teeny tiny Brooklyn apartment.)

I seriously want everything in this store, but here are a few of my favorites…

They have so many colorful cake stands. Love the milk glass ones.

This plate is so adorable! It is almost the exact layout of my studio apartment.

Little colorful "nut" bowls prefect for prep or dipping sauces.

Graphic NYC themed dinnerware.

I actually bought this spoon rest. It says "Rest in Grease" - ah, adorable!

I'd like to slurp some chicken noodle soup from this mug. How fun.

Think I'd bake something every day to display under this perfect cake stand.

How cute is this postcard. It makes me feel grate.

Have you been to Fishs Eddy? Know any other stores that will make me this happy?

Cake on the Wall

My kitchen is ALL white, so I’m always looking for something cute to sweeten it up. These prints (all from etsy.com) are adorable and match the little pops of pink in my teapot, frying pans, dish towels and cupcake apron. I love the combination of graphic types, white space and simple images.

What kind of art do you have in your kitchen? Is it food inspired?