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Hippos at Home

Yesterday’s post was full of bright, colorful, happy favorites. But this is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen recently…

hippo bar Vogue Lauren Santo Domingo

This amazing hippo bar is from Lauren Santo Domingo’s apartment featured in Vogue. Next to whales (you know, my whole Nantucket prepster thing), hippos are my favorite animal. (It’s a GW thing.) And while we’re all loving the resurgence of the bar cart, this just takes it to a whole other level. The rest of the apartment isn’t really decorated to my taste, but I can definitely get behind this bar. Oh and the art behind it by Salvador Dalí and Max Ernst!

Just. So. Freakin’. Cool.

I’m sure this custom piece is just way too expensive to even think about. So if you want to add a little hippo to your home, look no further than the fabulous Jonathan Adler. (I’ve been swooning over the brass one for some time now!)

Jonathan Adler hippo brass leather ceramic

brass hippo // ceramic hippo // leather hippo