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Holiday: Sorrelli Girl

The ladies of my extended family have been gifting and receiving Sorrelli jewelry for at least ten years. “Sorrelli” is derived from the Italian word for “sister” (the company is truly a fun family affair!) which originally sparked my mom’s interest in the company. Oh yeah and all the colorful jewels too. All of their pieces make fantastic gifts, and I love how the name says something special about your relationship between the gifter and giftee:

“I love you. You are (like) family. Here’s something sparkly and beautiful just like you.”
To further show how much I adore Sorrelli, and really how meaningful this company has been to my family, here’s my collection of Sorrelli jewels…all gifted to me by family and friends like sisters for Christmases, graduations, birthdays, proms. (Ok, and maybe some of them were borrowed from my mom’s jewelry stash too…shhh!) If my mom, aunts, cousins and I all combined our Sorrelli pieces together, I swear we could open a whole shop.

Sorrelli jewelry sparkle color

Below are some of my Sorrelli holiday picks, including pieces from their funky new Mimi line. Each of these would perfectly accompany any holiday party outfit, don’t you think? Although you can find Sorrelli jewelry at many department stores, I’m dying to visit their flagship store in Kutztown, PA!

Does your family have a gifting tradition like our Sorrelli one? I’m curious to hear!


I have a thing for long gold necklaces. I wear one almost every day.

I also have a thing for Ritz crackers. They’re crumbly and buttery and perfect. I remember in first grade we went on a field trip to a nearby farm and made our own butter and we spread it on Ritz crackers. I think that’s the best butter and best spread-cracker combination I’ve ever had. I can still taste it.

So, how great is this necklace from Need Supply Co? I think I need it. Although, I think I might mistake it for an afternoon snack…several times a day.

In My Closet…

Yesterday I blogged about my big apartment clean-up weekend, and some beautiful closets. While I’m no interior designer (I try!), I wanted to show just want one day of cleaning and organizing can do. Some of my favorite things are the closet rod I use to hang colorful bangles, frequently worn necklaces, and my Blair Waldorf headband collection; oh also the rainbow of color coded clothes.

A peak inside…

Trust me, this is the cleanest it will get. I will try to keep it this way, but that’s really not likely. Had to document…