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Let’s Get A Little Intimate

freya lingerie bras pink

We’re going to get a little personal here. Let’s talk about boobs. I have pretty big ones. Let’s just say they’re plentiFFul. They’ve been around since 4th grade, so by now I’ve gotten used to them. But it’s been a rough journey. I can’t wear anything with spaghetti straps (um hello pretty spring dresses), and for years I felt like I was stuck with ugly, boring bras. When I was in middle school all I wanted was the same cute Limited Too pink polka dot bra that my friends were wearing…but they didn’t make those in a D-cup. So my plain white bra straps would peak out from under my NSYNC tank top. Not cool one bit.

It took me years to learn how to dress my body. Now I can look at a shirt or dress hanging in a store and instantly know if it will fit well or not. I know what works now: v-necks, wrap dresses, no crew necks. And it all starts with a great bra. (I also have a theory that 90% of women are not wearing the right bra size – so please, please go get a proper bra fitting somewhere other than Victoria’s Secret! In DC I love Coup de Foudre.)

freya swim bikini

Right now magazines and blogs are sharing adorable bathing suits from JCrew and Target, and like every summer, I just have to tune out because they’re forgetting the girl like me. (Oh and the suggestions that they do give for “larger on top” girls are just SO wrong.) No matter your cup size, I’ve got a solution for you.

We’re taught in blogging to write about brands you love. Well, here’s one I can’t live without. Freya is a UK based company making lingerie and swimwear for up to a K-cup.  I discovered this brand about four years ago and seriously these bras have changed my life. They fit perfectly and come in many cute colors and patterns – just what I’ve always wanted. Now I buy my Freya online at Figleaves and while they’re a bit expensive, I think they’re worth every cent. Seriously, don’t buy cheap bras – you wear them all day, every day. They need to do work! These bras and bikinis are feminine and fun, which really is exactly how you want your boobs to feel, right?

freya bras swim bikini

Bras: Pixie | Elize | Beau

Bikinis: Tabu | Limbo | Swing | Supernova | Paris


Obviously this is a topic I’m not shy about, so I’d love to hear your bra stories too. Do you have any brands you’re loyal to like my Freya love? Do share!