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Happy Weekend

Leighten Meester for Vera Wang burgundy dress

Oh, you have no idea how happy I am that it’s the weekend..just to have a few moments to breathe and stand still. I’ve been a pretty social chick this past week and it’s just going to continue for the next several days, leading up to my birthday. While I feel like I haven’t rested in weeks, I’m having a blast.

Not only has it been a busy week, but an inspiring one too. I’ve learned a ton and connected with some fantastic people. Some of my favorite things from this week…

Of Monster and Men’s full debut album was released on NPR, and it’s sheer perfection. I can’t wait to see them at the Black Cat on Monday. Take a listen, I promise it will make your ears happy.

I heard an excellent presentation by Daniel Mall about design. Favorite quote? “Spare no expense to enjoy yourself.” Check out his killer work and the most awesomest thing ever.

I organized all of my food-related pinterest boards this week. Make sure you’re following along and start cooking!

Speaking of food…a few of my recent favorite bites have been: the pickle madness salad at Sweet Green, another fab brunch at Birch and Barley (if you haven’t been yet, what’s wrong?), the Jersey Shore pizza at Graffiatio, lamb and ice cream sandwiches at Ripple, bottomless mimosas and egg sandwiches at Vinoteca, onglet à l’échalotte at Bistro du Coin…just to name a few.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! I know I can’t wait for April, my birthday, and more reckless adventures. I’m off to buy a birthday party dress – can’t wait to share!

{Image thanks to: Leighten Meester for Vera Wang


Most friends would get you alcohol for your 21st birthday…tie a big pink bow around a bottle of vodka. My best friends got me a cupcake stand. With little pink bows tied to it.

Oh cupcake stand, how I love you. You turned my cupcakes into art.

Two years have passed and girls, don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE my first cupcake stand. But I’ve graduated. I’m in the big leagues now. Because for my 23rd birthday, I got this cupcake stand…

And no, it’s really not a chandelier…and, this is art in itself! (Don’t you feel like trumpets should be playing in the background?) Now I just have to deal with the pressure that my cupcakes will have to be as elegant and beautiful as the stand….and find some royalty to come over and eat from it. I’m in the new business of making fancycakes.

Naughty and Nice

You know I’m attracted to design that is elegant and classic. I really dislike vulgar things and I rarely swear. However, I love the duality in these products. They’re pretty yet evil at the same time. Plates, dish towel, bottle opener and notecards…