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Side by Side: Pansy Cake & Fabric

pansy flower side by side missoni fabric couch color maggie austin

Maggie Austin Pansy Cake // Anna Spiro Designs

Pansies are actually my favorite flower, even though they’re small and a bit overused in bland landscaping. But I loved planting the yellow and purple ones in our garden with my mom when I was little. They will always be the true sign of spring for me.

When I about 14 years old, I saw this amazing patio chaise in a Missoni pansy fabric in an home decor magazine. I immediately ripped that page out and I still have it today. I think I had dreams about that fabric, I was just so in love. When I interned at House Beautiful, I was lucky enough to acquire a small swatch of this Missoni “Violette Summer Bouquet” fabric. I think I gasped when I first came across it and then again when I was allowed to take it home!

So here we are today. It’s feeling almost like spring and just look at this amazing duo before us. My favorite fabric, flower, and cake designer all come together. How HAPPY does this make me??


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I wanted to thank everyone who participated in and read the Be My Valentine guest post series this week. I seriously had a ton of fun and I hope we can continue all the love here!

Meanwhile, I enjoyed taking a week off from blogging, even though life seems more hectic than ever! Above is just a few snapshots from the past week, which you’ve seen if you follow me on instagram. Lots of color, pattern, decorating, a mix of really healthy and unhealthy food (um hello cheddar biscuit, sausage and gravy!), and some great times out in DC.

Looking forward to getting back to posting and sharing some fun things soon!