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Happy Winter Weekend + a Winner!

black and white moody winter

These are just a few things keeping me inspired on this cold Friday. Despite some winter blues, I’m feeling really energized recently. Good things are happening. And most of all, I’m just having a whole lot of good fun. Can a girl ask for more?

I hope you all have a great long inauguration weekend! Be sure to follow along on twitter and instagram as I wear a velvet dress (I promise it’s more glam than 80’s) to the Chef’s Ball and get up super super early for a taping of Morning Joe! Can’t wait!

Lastly, congrats to Lisa who won two tickets to the Vaccines at the 9:30 club – I’ll be in touch soon with details!

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Too Cold to Blog

winter cold cozy print fur boots

Ha, just kidding. Almost. It’s been pretty darn cold here in DC and I just can’t get my fingers, toes and nose warm. So I’m thinking super warm thoughts. Like these…

Restoration Hardware slippers Graffiato gnocchi tea reading Hunger Games

  • • My favorite vanilla and cinnamon black tea from Trader Joe’s in one of my Anthropologie “N” mugs
  • • Roasted potato gnocchi with black truffle and wild mushroom from Graffiato – aka melt-in-your-mouth amazingness
  • • Day dreaming of a trip to sunny Southern California
  • • My plush foot duvets (silly name, stupid warm) from Restoration Hardware
  • • Curling up under the covers to read the third Hunger Games book (the “Girl on Fire”) on my Kindle Fire (fire = warmth)
  • • Yoga in a dark, toasty room with a focus on breathing and letting go
Tell me, what’s keeping you warm in this chilly January weather?

{Top image thanks to: School House}

Holiday Warmth

I got a perfect little present in the mail yesterday: the Restoration Hardware Gifts catalog. I know it’s still October, but every single page just enveloped me in warmth and joy and coziness. It was like one big joyous hug. Flipping through the pages, I just wanted to curl up next to a fire with loved ones, sip hot cocoa, play games and watch the snow fall outside. It even makes me excited for winter to creep in…which might be happening sooner than later. Snow tomorrow??

I just had to share some of my favorite things from the catalog…fur, lights and fun…

Restoration Hardware holiday warmth gifts cozy winter