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Hint of Light Pink

I’m all about bold hot pink, but I just adore the little light pink details in these images. Just a touch of it, like in the form of a bolster pillow or stunning chandelier, is all you need to sweeten up a sophisticated space. And those stairs from Holly Golightly’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s NYC walk up…genius! I’m obsessed.

hint of pink house of windsor smith veranda bedroom bolster pillow bedframe with headboard

hint of light pink steps new york times breakfast at tiffany's holly golightly city moviehint of light pink chandelier Daun Curry suffren estate modern declaration

{Image thanks to: Veranda’s House of Windsor, Breakfast at Tiffany’s apartment in the New York TimesDaun Curry}

Sprightly Sweet

Thinking about the most lovely wedding I’m going to tomorrow, I was reminded of this wedding I saw from a few years back. Bright, cherry, honest details. Just the right combination of elegance and playfulness. A backdrop that lives up to the beautiful day that lies ahead. You can’t look at these photos and not smile at just how sweet it is.

bright wedding details cupcakes keys rose petals

{Image thanks to: Boucher Photography in Style Me Pretty}


As you know, I love interiors with floods of bright colors, shiny surfaces and rich fabrics. But on this particularly gloomy rainy Tuesday, I’m drawn to spaces that are a bit more understated. These have a calm, soft, warm aura to them that just works for a day like today. (Ok, so a few sparkly chandeliers snuck in. But I love that juxtaposition, don’t you?)

white walls tufted ottoman chandelier blackherringbone pattern fireplace white graystudio wood wall dining bedroom chandelierwhite tufted headboard beddouble shower head bathroom

dining mismatched chairs tableround tulip white table two chairs chandelierkitchen cabinets storage white

{Image thanks to: Apartment 34, Apartment Therapy, Decor Pad, House Beautiful, This is Glamourous, Desire to Inspire, From Me to You}

Favorite Thing

So when life overall is pretty much on one so-so level, it’s nice and refreshing when something actually catches your attention. Today, for me, it’s these absolutely charming chandeliers made from spoons and teacups from Cake Vintage. Maybe charming isn’t the perfect word…amazing? whimsical? genius? Well, they’re all of these things, and I just adore them!

Cake Vintage Chandelier spoons teacups