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Nantucket Notebook

So we just had an earthquake in DC. Crazy. It was pretty freaky and now I’m home, reading and watching the “aftermath” ha. And this weekend we’re supposed to be getting a pretty intense hurricane. What is this?

So let’s celebrate the tame and happy bits of life, with images from my wonderful trip to Nantucket. Just a few beauties to remind us of the good things that mother nature brings…Well, until next year, ACK!


A Colorful Beach House

Hello again from Nantucket! Ok, so remember when I said it was rainy yesterday? Well the “Grey Lady” holds true to it’s name and now it is day four of vacation without any beach days or much sunshine. I’m trying to keep my hopes up for brighter days to come…the weather still has time to redeem itself! So here’s yet again (but really, who’s complaining?) another colorful post…

I’ve seen so much color and pattern while checking out shops around town these past two days. Some of my favorites include: Store #2 by designer Elizabeth Bauer, the oh so sweet Milly & Grace, the perfectly preppy Blue Beetle, Current Vintage a wine/vintage clothing shop (with retro Lily dresses!), and home accents galore at Best of the Beach. I’ll be sure to do a round-up of my favorite purchases and finds when I finally finish shopping here.

Also since it’s so gray and not so warm here, I’ve devoured most of the magazines we brought with us, including the September issue of House Beautiful. The following house designed by Mona Ross Berman, actually isn’t my favorite one in the magazine, but it sure does color well! This Jersey Shore house totally spoke to me…this is what I want my vacation to feel more like!

So especially for you readers who aren’t on vacation right now….here’s a little bit of paradise to add a little color to your day. And here’s hoping for a beach day tomorrow!

Summer memories

…and Nantucket favorites.

As summer comes to a close, it’s good to remember those fleeting moments that made it so special. So here are some scenes from my Nantucket vacation that I’m going to try and cherish as fall rolls in and life gets a little busier (guess that’s what happens when you work at a University).

Already getting ready for next summer’s vacation…

Back to real life now.