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Have a Fantastic Day

I couldn’t get the post I wanted to write finished for today, but this will do instead. There is such beauty in this video. I love how careful and deliberate it is. Have a wonderful start to the week, friends!

Written in Ink

Happy rainy Tuesday from DC. I’m hoping that today will go a little more smoothly than yesterday. You know those days when you just feel run down…when you try so hard to be strong and yet still something breaks you? Gah. An independent single girl’s kryptonite.

Sometimes it’s a repeated mantra that gets you through a day like that and that’s one of the reasons I love these calligraphy tattoos illustrated by Mara Zepeda. (Thanks Becca for sharing these with me!) Her lettering is stunning and I get chills just looking at these works of art.

neither snow calligraphy tattooneither snow calligraphy tattoo - I love him/herneither snow calligraphy tattoo - be stillCupcakes for Breakfast: neither snow calligraphy tattoo - live and breathe no fear

I could never get a tattoo – I change my outfit three times a day so there’s no way I could decide on wearing something permanent. (Although I think “mmmbop” would look pretty cool in calligraphy and ink.) But that’s why I love Tattly and their collection of temporary type tattoos. Pick one, feel badass and inspired, then change it up.

my favorite type tattly tattoos

focus | type nerd | fuck haters | be happy

Daily Inspiration

future quote Geoffrey Canada Moniquilla

I’m a bit tired of change happening to me. This is exactly what I’ve tried to avoid in the past six months or so. I want to take the reins in my own life. I have plans. I have dreams I want to uncover. But some things are unavoidable and out of my control. So I’m trying to make the best of these situations and turn them in my favor. Maybe I’d choose these paths too if I had a little more time and wisdom?

Either way, I’m reinvigorating myself to invent my own future. This was a quote from Geoffrey Canada’s commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania, which has stuck with me since I heard it last Monday. I want to stop feeling like a victim of other people’s decisions, and instead I want to be proud of a path that I’ve forged myself. I’m excited and determined, so let’s go.


A few last things. I can’t thank you enough for the kind words on my Things I’m Afraid to Tell You post last week. Your support and compassion are outstanding, and I love the connections this series has made with us all. I can’t wait for the next round.

Lastly, I wish I was at BlogFest this week, but alas, I have another commitment. I can’t wait to hear all about the programming and blogger connections, and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be there next year! Have fun!

{Image thanks to: moniquilla}

Daily Inspiration

moniquilla quote pattern color

The quote above was posed this weekend by writer Monica Bhide at Eat, Write, Retreat. It’s something I’ll continue to think about this week because I think Monica really has a point here. We need to understand our purpose, get behind it, and be our number one cheerleader. If you have a blog, or a business, or a passion, I encourage you to think about this sentiment this week too. Tell me, why are you special? Why are you doing what you’re doing?

{Image thanks to: moniquilla}