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Sunday Pasta: Creamy, Cheesy Orecchiette with Roasted Cauliflower and Spinach

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Sunday Pasta -  Creamy, Cheesy Orecchiette with Roasted Cauliflower and Spinach

Are we over this snow yet? Another day at home…bundled up in a fuzzy blanket, sipping coffee, working, as the snow falls sideways. It’s nice actually, to have time to myself. Power through emails, no distractions, wearing the comfiest pajamas all day long. A break from trying to impress and entertain constantly. So maybe for one last time, I’m thankful for the snow. Last one though!

One other snow day perk, a craving (maybe more so than usual) for a rich and comforting pasta. Hopefully your fridge is stocked with a few simple ingredients – spinach, cauliflower, cheese – because you’ll want to crawl into this dish and hibernate. Mmmm. My no-recipe version below…

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Sunday Pasta -  Creamy, Cheesy Orecchiette with Roasted Cauliflower and Spinach

Creamy, Cheesy Orecchiette with Roasted Cauliflower and Spinach

Chop cauliflower in small bite-sized pieces and place on a baking sheet. Toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast for about 20-30 minutes at 400°. Meanwhile, sauté chopped onions and garlic in butter and olive oil for a while until onions have softened. Add a whole bag of baby spinach and stir as it wilts. Add some heavy cream and and a spoonful of mascarpone into the sauce. Toss in roasted cauliflower and cooked pasta. Serve with fresh grated parm and a dollop of fresh ricotta.

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Sunday Pasta -  Creamy, Cheesy Orecchiette with Roasted Cauliflower and Spinach

Dulce De Leche Cake

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Dulce de Leche Cake

Kicking off the week with something sweet. I sure need it. I’m having one of those moments/days/feels like a lifetime of stress and I just want to crawl into a big fluffy cocoon and never come out. Ok, it’s not that bad, but I’ve definitely been having moments. When even the idea of making a cake sounds stressful and I actually contemplated using a box mix. That’s when I know something is off. Cupcakes for Breakfast: Dulce de Leche Cake

Anyway, you take it one ingredient and one step at a time. You may not think you have time for it but it helps slow you down. And watching the mixer gradually turn liquid cream into frosting is one of the best sights ever…it’s worth slowing down for.

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Dulce de Leche CakeCupcakes for Breakfast: Dulce de Leche Cake

I’ll get back to feeling like I’m on top of things. I can’t not get there. In the meantime, you just have to try to not get so down on yourself. Focus at what’s hand. Surround yourself with only supportive people. (I’m lucky to have many.) Don’t sacrifice things that make you happy for time or punishment…you just might find that those are the things, like cake and cream or a Justin Timberlake concert, that can pull you out and get you back to your stride.

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Dulce de Leche Cake

Dulce De Leche Cake

Start with a basic white cake – like Martha Stewart’s. Frost layers with dulce de leche – like La Salamandra. Top with this dulce de leche whipped cream. 

Cinnamon Dulce De Leche Whipped Cream

  • 1 pint heavy cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup confectioner’s sugar
  • 1/2 cup dulce de leche

In a mixer using a whisk attachment, beat the heavy cream until whipped. Slowly beat in the vanilla, cinnamon and sugar. Gently fold in the dulce de leche. 

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Dulce de Leche Cake

Send Urban Stems

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Urban Stems

Bouquet photos from some of my fave DC ladies (and gent!): @jigolden, @politics_pretty, @bannc@nikkirap, @cathzinn, @districtsparkle@corisuemorris, @frijolita, @stylemba@ejfass, @holleysimmons, @allycog@theyoufinder, @gokateshoot@theglossarie, @gurrity, @lizmcavoy6@tammygordon, @bitcheswhobrunch, @russellwarnick@beccaclaralove @thehyperbalist @nec_and_proper

I’m so excited to tell you about one of my new favorite DC-based businesses, Urban Stems. Have you ordered flowers before and they were over-priced and underwhelming? (Or has your boyfriend never sent you any for this reason?) Urban Stems totally changes this. They offer three beautiful bouquets for $35, including delivery! Bonus, their customer communication is fantastic so you’ll feel like it was totally worth it. I’m seriously a huge fan!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day week, it’s kind of the perfect time to order a bouquet for someone you think is wonderful. Make someone’s day and get $5 off with the code: CUPCAKES5

Happy Weekend

Cupcakes for Breakfast: friends in the city

{image by Con Poulos}

How is it Friday already?/Can’t believe it’s already Friday! – I’m a bit conflicted about this week. But I think its ending on a good note. I know I haven’t been posting much but I think it’s about to change that. I’m missing it. In the meantime, inspired by my friend Alejandra, I want to share some of my favorite things this week:

Stop Telling Single Women They’re Fabulous. I mean, we are, but I prefer “fabulous plus”.

Thanks for this awesome profile, Famous DC. Check it out to read about some of my favorite DC eats!

I just love this new underwear brand, Dear Kate! Check them out and get 25% off with code “cupcakesforbreakfast” through Valentine’s Day.

Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake!

The Best 90’s Songs You Forgot (but I didn’t since I still listen to them all regularly.)

Favorite meals out recently: brunch at Cork, pizza (that you cut with scissors!) at Ghibellina, pork belly at Cava Mezze, brunch at Medium Rare.

Listen to: The 1975, A Great Big World, Jesse McCartney, Young the Giant

Read: Provence 1970, Food for Marriage, Looking for Alaska

I’m so sick of this freezing cold weather. Instead I’ll take these spring pastels from JCrew and an escape to sunshine with Sarah!

This inspiring story + beautiful apartment tour is one of my most favorite Everygirl pieces.

I got a new bed! This Linen Charcoal Tufted Wingback one is such a beauty.

Planning a trip to Nashville for my birthday in April. Taking any and all recommendations!

Shameless plug: follow @cavagrill on instagram. You won’t be sorry.

Cheers to 2013

At the New Years Eve party I went to last year, we were asked to write our resolutions on a chalkboard. Half cheeky, half true, I wrote: “Better job, better wine, better boys.”

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Cheers to 2013

So I had three jobs this year. I left my comfortable, safe GW home for something new. There was a short run at Hugh & Crye. I learned a lot here. Some smart skills. A ton about menswear. But mostly about myself, my values, and the incredible support network around me. Then I kind of stumbled into a dream job at Cava. I moved into it cautiously. I was unsure but ready to move forward. Remember last year at this time when I wrote Things I’m Afraid to Tell You? #1. Somehow I think I have it figured out a little bit. (Oh and you know what, I didn’t stumble into it. I earned it. *power pose*) This is just what I want to be doing and it encompasses everything I’m interested in. I’m excited to do the work. It’s food. It’s culture. It’s me. It’s where I want to grow. It’s where I feel supported. I didn’t have to shout about it, defend it, or sell it to my friends. I’m just so thankful to be a part of something I love so much and to have had so many learning experiences this year.

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Cheers to 2013

This was a challenging year but I managed to get through it with some amazing people. I think that’s where the wine comes in. A family trip to San Francisco and Sonoma, six weddings, dinners out with my friends – order the bottle? duh, catching up with old friends over brunch, meeting new girlfriends over punch, escaping DC with girlfriends, mid-Saturday sangria breaks, book (wine) club, restaurant openings, dates (we’ll get to that), birthdays and little celebrations. I will be thanking dozens of people for making my life sweeter this year. They’re all wonderful. We made good memories. I realized the things that really matter and remembered that life is good. And we drank and ate well along the way. This was the icing on top of the 2013 cake.

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Cheers to 2013

Boys. Ok, I wouldn’t say they were better. More of them maybe. Better stories for sure. The guy with the pigeon sweatshirt. 6 dates in 6 days. The 22 year old jazz musician. The crush who turned into my best friend. The one I couldn’t remember his name on a second date. NSA guy and our one incredible date. The Dinosaur (Not because he was old. Because of his dinosaur costume.) Guys who paid, guys who didn’t. The nodder. The laugher. The one who never called. The guy I met on an airplane (come on! Why couldn’t have that one worked out?) The double date with guys we met on Refinery29. My Starbucks barista. The really sweet one that just didn’t click. Dating Hard. The has-this-really-been-going-on-for-over-a-year-and-a-half guy? The one I’m still hoping for.

I learned to love a lot of other things things year and love myself in many new ways too. Maybe that wasn’t the goal, but I think it was enough…probably even better.

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Cheers to 2013

Regardless, this year was fun and I’m not defeated yet. If anything, I’m entering 2014 totally energized. I’m feeling balanced in the places I wasn’t last year at this time. And feeling ready to prove myself in new ways. 2014 will be a career focused year for me. I want to challenge myself and grow professionally. Work smarter, take risks, build a team, learn a ton, measure progress, become a thought-leader. Outside of work, I have little goals for myself: go to yoga regularly (remember how good you feel when you do, Nikki?), rediscover why I love blogging and push myself to evolve, write just for myself more, take advantage of my free time wisely (aka turn off the TV), blast Britney and dance more, know my money, keep confident. I’m excited. Let’s do this.

Cheers to 2013 and even better 2014.

“May all your joys be wonderful and may all your pains be champagne.”

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Cheers to 2013