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A Little Behind

GW Vineyard Vines tote

So, I’ve been a little MIA when it comes to blogging. To be honest, like I’ve said here, I’m actually loving work recently, and I’ve been completely wrapped up in it. It’s been absolutely hectic, but I’m working on some pretty cool projects. Like the Vineyard Vines tote above…I worked with the fabulously preppy brand to develop a new GW design for ties and totes and to plan an event at one of their stores this Thursday. Pretty fun.

Can I say I work in fashion now? Ha.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. Meanwhile I can’t stop thinking about decorating my apartment with a large new bookcase, developing my fall wardrobe, and finally getting back in the kitchen. I have a ton of baking projects to get to and I can’t wait to share when they’re sitting all pretty on a platter. But first, I need to find time to even get to the grocery store!

What’s new with you? Drop me a line to say hello. And I promise to catch up on all my favorite blogs soon too…I haven’t forgotten about you! xo

Buff and Blue

I don’t blog about work much at all. In fact, usually I blog because it’s something different than work. It’s the place to write about and illustrate my other passions. But recently, not only have I been enjoying work more, it’s even overlapping with some of those other interests. All of a sudden my job includes fun things like fashion and working with some amazing brands…I’ll elaborate more later…

But yes, you may see a little more GW Buff and Blue in this this blog, but I promise, it will all be super cute and stylish! Some inspiration…

buff and blue nails gold metallic navypineapple belt navy sweater polka dots buff and blue yellownavy headboard gold chevron pillows buff and blue bedroomnavy velvet blazer gold flecked top buff and blue

{Image thanks to: All Lacquered Up, Mochatini, I Heart Pretty Little Things, Goldenmeans}