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Clarity Space

I rarely go for all-neutral spaces. But with a pounding headache and an apartment that looks like a tornado has passed through it, I’m finding some clarity in these simple spaces. Wishing us all an uncomplicated Wednesday.

Jamie Herzlinger's white bedroom Apartment Therapywhite tulip table dining room zebra sitting there - Thibaut wallpaperwhite dining space Apartment Therapy

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Hint of Light Pink

I’m all about bold hot pink, but I just adore the little light pink details in these images. Just a touch of it, like in the form of a bolster pillow or stunning chandelier, is all you need to sweeten up a sophisticated space. And those stairs from Holly Golightly’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s NYC walk up…genius! I’m obsessed.

hint of pink house of windsor smith veranda bedroom bolster pillow bedframe with headboard

hint of light pink steps new york times breakfast at tiffany's holly golightly city moviehint of light pink chandelier Daun Curry suffren estate modern declaration

{Image thanks to: Veranda’s House of Windsor, Breakfast at Tiffany’s apartment in the New York TimesDaun Curry}