Hello! I’m Nikki.

Nikki Rappaport

Life is sweet but so uncertain. This blog is growing up and figuring out who it is, just as I am. I know what I love…what makes me smile so big I can’t see through my squinty brown eyes, but I’m still discovering what to do with those things and what my place is in this exciting world. This is what I do know…

I’m twenty six years old. Yet, I still obsess over Hanson as if I’m 13 and wear pearls that are four times my age.

I live in the fantastic pink tree-filled city of Washington, DC. But I also consider quiet Paris streets, Nantucket beaches and New Jersey farm stands my home.

My favorite color? Is sparkle a color?

Things I want to be when I grow up/still do: pizza maker, interior designer, teen magazine editor, and wedding planner.

Turns out I landed a pretty awesome gig that touches on all these things. By day, I’m the Brand Strategist for Cava Grill. I nerd out over storytelling, creative visuals, and social engagement. Oh and did I mention, I love food?

Sharing food makes me the happiest. Cooking and baking for and with family, friends and boys…this is what love means to me.

I make simple, comforting food that tells stories of happy bellies and joyful gatherings. This most usually means big bowls of pasta and rich chocolate cake.

I actually do eat cupcakes for breakfast. They’re better than cereal.