This is my first post since July. I’m feeling unconfident about writing for myself. But I want there to be a record of this year and I want to do this more often.

At the beginning of last year I had three goals: move more, seek creative moments, travel. I feel like I’m just getting started on these. Not that 2015 wasn’t a productive year. Some highlights:

Visiting Los Angeles (enough to get to know it pretty well), San Francisco (twice!), Portland Maine, Nantucket, OBX, Denver, Atlanta, NYC, home to NJ, family trips to Ohio. Seeing so many great concerts: The Walkmen, Icona Pop, Smallpools, James Bay, Passion Pit, the Academy Is, Urban Cone, the Griswolds, of Monsters and Men. Growing my team from 1 to 8. Work turning into a family. Meaningful time with my family. Exploring coffee shops and vineyards. Surrounding myself in art. Reflective time by the water. Many Sunday Pastas. Making a new best friend. Four beautiful weddings. Yoga and tap dance and joining a gym. Short curly hair. The Gilmore Guys.

There’s still much I want to do to have a full life. I work incredibly hard but it’s important to find time for more. Traveling, finding inspiration in the world, staying active and healthy and having fun doing it, reading, sleeping enough, meeting new people, spending time with friends that bring me joy, writing, cooking new dishes, finally moving to a new apartment, turning stress into something productive, being intentional, standing up for my feelings. Sounds so much easier said than done. In 2016 I want my whole life to move forward.

5 thoughts on “2016

  1. June

    I have missed reading your blog but follow you on Instagram. A few years ago I was moving to Arlington and asked you for restaurant recommendations. We love Rustico and have found so many more in our area. I love walking in Arlington for exercise and just the convenience of everything. I’m glad your job change has been satisfying and you’ve got new friends who are family. May 2016 be a friend to you as well! Please blog more, I miss your decor and baking posts. All the best!

  2. Jenine Spina

    Go for it! The only thing holding you back from your goals is yourself. I’m glad you are back and I look forward to hearing more stories from you & recipes! I’ve lived by many mantras and new favorite is “I do what I want, when I want to, when I feel it” It’s silly and a bit exaggerated but why be dull? So go out there and do it! Continue to shine. Happy New year!

  3. Morgan F

    happy new year and welcome back!! I have a great fun project that I think you might be interested in – shoot me an email and I can tell you more

    Morgan of DCFunemployment

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