Taste of Summer

Taste of Summer: Peach Cobbler Taste of Summer: strawberries Taste of Summer: proscuitto Taste of Summer: spring onions Taste of Summer: chaia dc tacos Taste of Summer: whiskey cocktails

A few favorite tastes of early summer:

homemade peach cobbler and vanilla bean ice cream

strawberries fresh from the farmer’s market

thinly sliced prosciutto – served with basil, melon, or burrata 

these bright onions that remind me of the sea

veggie tacos in the park

summer smoke: whiskey cocktails + fire pits

Trying to savor every bit of it. Need more moments like these. S’mores and peaches and beer outside…these things just taste better.

One thought on “Taste of Summer

  1. The Office Stylist

    YUM! Everything looks amazing, especially those veggie tacos! I’ve never tried veggie tacos but after seeing how delicious they look, definitely have to add it to my to-do list.

    -The Office Stylist

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