Sunday Pasta: Tomato and Olive Oil – on the Roof

Sunday Pasta: Tomato and Olive OilSunday pasta has taken on new meaning this summer. It’s still my chance to cook, unwind, and zone out at the end of the weekend. But it’s also been a bit of a refresher too. A creative stimulant that’s just for me before the week starts. It’s helpful that it’s light out so late and the weather is perfect around dinner time. The day doesn’t have to end so quickly.

Sunday Pasta: Tomato and Olive Oil

Taking my pasta up on the roof + reading a book + drinking a glass of wine + watching the sunset has become a new goal of my Sunday Pasta routine. Plus so much better than sitting on my couch in front of my TV – no matter what drama I’m into at the moment (Chasing Life on ABC Family and re-watching Brothers & Sisters on Netflix).

Sunday Pasta: Tomato and Olive Oil

I love making this pasta in the summer. Mostly because it’s crazy easy. Also because when you have awesome tomatoes, why cook them? Just toss with some great olive oil and serve. I guess I really don’t need to add the pasta in there. A simple tomato salad is just as good. No doubt, healthier. But it’s my vehicle for my favorite things, for new ingredients, for rough days, for dates, for deciphering a book written in 1825, for Sunday nights (proudly) alone.

Sunday Pasta: Tomato and Olive Oil

Simple Pasta with Tomato and Olive Oil

Dice tomatoes into cubes and toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, herbs. Set aside. Cook pasta. Toss hot pasta with tomatoes, a little bit of the cooking water, and parmesan cheese. Damn that was easy.

Sunday Pasta: Tomato and Olive Oil

4 thoughts on “Sunday Pasta: Tomato and Olive Oil – on the Roof

  1. Christie Farquhar

    Had the very same pasta with friends at a barbeque this holiday weekend…it did have basil, red onion and garlic powder in it. Delish cold or hot!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend Nikki!

  2. domenicacooks

    Love your Sunday pasta posts, Nikki. Inspiring! Nothing beats raw tomato sauce in summer. Sometimes I toss in diced mozzarella for that stretchy, gooey factor. Cheers, D

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