Denim Days

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Spring Denim Days

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This is basically going to be my spring uniform. Sure I’m excited about bright colors and dresses, but honestly I’m just happy to be a casual jeans girl right now. At work, on weekends. With comfy tees, with heels if I must but mostly loafers, with layered baubles, with denim on top too. On a farm, walking around the city, traveling, parked at a bar with a beer and a burger. Maybe not as interesting as my previous outfits on instagram, but I’ll try to share these too in a new way. Bring it, spring denim days.

4 thoughts on “Denim Days

  1. Allison

    totally with you on the denim! I just bought a near pair of light denim jeans and a denim dress… I’m so excited about life with them in it!

  2. Lauren

    I love the second outfit pictured (chambray shirt + denim jeans). I’ve contemplated wearing an outfit just like that on many occasions, but wasn’t sure if it matched or was a major fashion don’t. So glad to see it looks cute!

    These outfits are pretty much my daily uniform, as well. At least for now – come summertime, I think I’ll be wearing dresses/skirts much more often!

  3. Meena

    Loved this! I’ve been wanting to get try the denim-on-denim trend, and these looks are a great idea board- I particularly like the second look, with the contrasting shades and the pop of color with the yellow heels. Such a fun post!

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