Party Playlist & Gift List: Crazy Christmas Rager

I’ve teamed up with the awesome gals of This Is Our Jam for a fun and festive series this week. Take four parties: girls’ night, family dinner, holiday rager, and a night home alone (yes, that counts). Add thoughtful gifts and a killer playlist. And you’re set to go. Dance, drink, give, be merry!Cupcakes for Breakfast: Playlist/Gift List Christmas Rager

{Note to Self gin print | Cisco Brewery Winter Shredder Beer | rose gold headphones | Needlepoint Flask | Tattly tattoos | sparkly nail polish | classic Ray Bans | whiskey glasses}

The Playlist: Every holiday season must include one crazy party. If it’s your turn to host this year, this playlist will keep the mood up with some crowd favorites — as well as some newer jams that will help you impress that brooding hipster you’ve been trying to snag. Now you just need to plan out how to get that certain someone underneath the mistletoe…

The Gifts: Aka presents for all your drunk friends! Of course, alcohol themed gifts are always appropriate, like Sarah’s Smile There’s Gin print, beer from my favorite brewery, a festive flask, or fun whiskey glasses. Without a disco ball, bring your own sparkle with metallic headphones and glitter nail polish. Make silly and temporary decisions with Tattly tattoos. You’ll need these classic Ray Bans the next morning…

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