Party Playlist & Gift List: Girls’ Night

I hope you’re not sick of gift guides yet! I’ve teamed up with the awesome gals of This Is Our Jam for a fun and festive series this week. Take four parties: girls’ night, family dinner, holiday rager, and a night home alone (yes, that counts). Add thoughtful gifts and a killer playlist. And you’re set to go. Dance, drink, give, be merry!

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Girl's Night In Gifts

{clutch | necklace | glasses | wine stopper | earrings | blush papers | water bottle | DC neighborhood print}

The Playlist: Let’s be real, some of the best holiday parties are when no boys are allowed. Whether you’re hosting a cookie decorating party, an annual Love Actually viewing, or pre-gaming before an ugly sweater party, these upbeat jams will be a perfect soundtrack to a fun night with your besties… that we know will eventually devolve into a dance party.

The Gifts: I have gift exchanges this year with my book club and group text friends. We’re planning low key nights with several bottles of wine and plenty of cheese. In keeping with the night, keep your gifts simple and girly. Some sparkly baubles, festive barware, favorite makeup samples, or an artistic ode to their neighborhood. Cheers to girlfriends!

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