Crisp in the Fall

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Crisp in the Fall

I couldn’t agree more with this F. Scott Fitzgerald quote…we’re reborn in the fall. Cool air, warm colors, hilarious but infectious excitement over scarfs and boots and pumpkin. We just can’t help it. More fall inspiration and recipes coming soon! In the meantime, go outside with a scarf and read a book. (I could’t recommend The Fault in Our Stars more.) Soak up the season changing and take a minute to think about how you’re changing…even if it’s just your growing boot collection.

leaves falling | pumpkin cookies | houndstooth + leather

6 thoughts on “Crisp in the Fall

  1. Alex

    The Fault in Our Stars is such a good book! Definitely one of my favorite reads.

    Also, as a heads up, there’s something funky going on with your RSS when it pulls into Feedly. Right below your photos and above your text, there are a bunch of spam links! I can send you a screenshot of what it looks like; not sure how to fix it though!

  2. Meg

    So, so excited about fall. I always feel renewed and rebuilt myself! (Plus, the sudden lack of our trademark D.C. humidity translates to my hair looking ten times better.)

  3. Lynn-Holly

    This post makes me smile. I love the fall and all of its colors and scents. I am a fan a F. Scott Fitzgerald, and I also adore The Fault in Our Stars!

    Your blog is lovely. The pictures are great and the content is always interesting. I just started blogging this year and every time I discover a new blog that I love, I feel like I found a new friend!

    So, from one blogger to another- Happy Fall!

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