Brave Risks

Cupcakes for Breakfast: Be Brave. Take Risks

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I’m starting a new job today. It wasn’t long ago that I wrote this post, so this experience is all very new and familiar at the same time. I’m scared about my decision and also excited about the opportunity ahead. But I’m feeling brave. I have many goals for this job, but more importantly I have new goals for my life. Things I want to create, moments to myself, people I want to meet. I’ve had to remind myself that it’s brave to do these things. To put me first. And live the kind of life I can enjoy and be proud of. After all, I’ve only got one.

Deep breaths, big smiles, bold prints. Let’s go.

8 thoughts on “Brave Risks

  1. Sarah b

    Good luck, I’m in a similar position to you and trying to get myself in a positive frame if mind and this post has definatley helped. Best if luck with the new job :) x

  2. Ellie

    Awesome, go get it girl!! I think it is important that we learn to put ourselves first. My mom always drilled that into me from a young age. Being honest with yourself is a crazy thing. It is so hard, but once it is done it can work wonders. You got it! :)

  3. Monica

    What an inspiring post. Setting new goals is helping me feel much more positive about my life too. Who knew how powerful they could be in shifting your state of mind! A book I’m reading has helped me with this- it’s called The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford, in case you’re interested. I hope you’re off to a fun start!

  4. Rosemary

    Together we are taking new risks. I am sure you have felt overwhelmed over the past few days as I have. Every day we both must stop, sit and have a cup of coffee, and take in the new world that surrounds us. I send you love always and am proud of you risk taker!!

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