Slow & Steady

Cupcakes for Breakfast: slow & steady

This is how I feel on my one day off a week and it’s the most lovely thing. Yesterday I was able to get a massage, take a walk in the rain, do a little bargain shopping, catch up with a two good friends and both of my parents, roast a bunch of CSA veggies, clean my apartment, make a big pitcher of iced coffee for this hot week ahead, and wind down with a little wine and West Wing. Ok maybe that doesn’t sound like slow and steady, but each of those things felt so sweet. I’m already thinking about what will feel good next weekend.

How are you spending your “me” time this summer?

bedroom | blackberry cornmeal pie | slow & steady | dressed in white

5 thoughts on “Slow & Steady

  1. Susan

    My days are like that too! Slow and steady, I’m trying to read more books again, I want to be better at sewing and cooking (while lazily enjoying a glass of wine in the process!) and picking up my piano again. And doing all of this while having iced coffee is my goal too!

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