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  1. Meg

    Recognized the quote instantly! :) Digging the new album . . . it’s different, but I like that about it. And Taylor sounds as wonderful as always. And he looked quite delicious last weekend! :)

    I can tell you because I know you’ll totally understand: my sister and I passed him walking down the street (in a cap, with a man in black!) before the Fillmore show in Silver Spring and I was literally rendered speechless. I couldn’t believe it was him, for one; we never would have stumbled upon him walking around had we not gotten to Silver Spring late and failed to find any decent parking. I recognized him immediately and whispered to my sister just in time for her to muster up some courage and say hello to Tay. We made eye contact, and he said hi back!

    “Hi.” Such a simple word. But life made.

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