Weekend Collection

Cupcakes for Breakfast Weekend Collection: desk, chocolate chip cookie sandwich, flower print

I’m trying to find a new balance in my life. I’m working more hours than I ever have before. I’m tired and every day my body is fighting to not get sick. It’s finally spring and I want to enjoy my beautiful pink tree-filled city. I want/need to find the time to write my blog and do all the things that go along with it that make me oh so happy – baking, eating out, designing my apartment (including keeping it clean), reading other blogs. I’m learning a new definition of what “weekend” means even. I’ll figure it out eventually. I’m giving myself time to learn the changes in my life. But when I do have the chance, I’m trying to surround myself with things I love. Just stop and enjoy the moment – hearing one of my favorite songs live, brushing up against a crush and feeling a middle school giddiness, eating a huge brownie sundae with friends, burrowing into my four pillows and finally crashing at night. Those are just a few of those favorite moments from this week. And right now I’d like to enjoy this chocolate chip cookie peanut butter marshmallow s’mores sandwich please and thanks.

I hope you’re having a great weekend whether you’re working, playing, or also trying to find the balance of both. Much love.

{desk | le sigh | cookie sandwich | flower print}

2 thoughts on “Weekend Collection

  1. tori pinciotti

    This is so important to learn how to do. You have been such a great example of it, and am learning something new everyday. Nothing a cup of tea and a quick nap can’t fix.

    My new motto is, “no matter what happens… tomorrow the sun will rise and fall”

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