Something Natural

something natural

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You know I love color. I mean, you’ve seen my apartment. I don’t really do the natural thing. But something has me drawn to simpler things recently. Clean lines, spring blooms, earthy flavors, creams and greens. Could be my crazy schedule, could be that spring is on its way. I’m sure it won’t last long (I mean I had to include that bottom left photo just so there was a little pink in this post!), but it’s really lovely right now.

What colors are you drawn to recently? Are you into naturals like me or have you already moved on to spring brights? Have a happy Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Something Natural

  1. Liz {What Dress Code?}

    Really loving these more muted tones — I totally agree about flip-flopping between spring neutrals and brights — the pastel/muted look is always ok with me. I also made that hazelnut lemon pasta and it’s DELISH

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