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Where the Boys Are – men's style with reyal fashion

Happy Monday friends! Ok so I’ve officially started my new job at Hugh & Crye! H&C is a menswear company in DC making dress shirts that fit. While working at a startup means I’ll be doing a bit of everything (I’m going to learn so much!), my main focus will be marketing: editorial, social, events, and much more. I’m very excited, but I would by lying if I didn’t also say I’m also nervous to start something new. I’m ready for this next adventure though and I’d love your support especially in the first few weeks:

  • Follow H&C on twitter, instagram, pinterest, and tumblr – cute guys, great style, fun times.
  • Help me with my research. What are your favorite men’s style blogs and brands? Who’s style do you/your men love?
  • Excuse me if I’m a little absent here a bit – of course I’m going to try to keep up on my blog while I start out, but I’m also immersing myself in my new job so I can kick ass and learn a lot. I know you all can understand that.

Wish me luck! Have a great week!

image: Reyal Fashion in Hugh & Crye

9 thoughts on “Where the Boys Are

  1. Carolyn

    Congrats on the new gig, Nikki! I will be sure to send Mike in the direction of H&C next time he needs to do some shopping :)

  2. Carolyn

    Also, I feel like Kate from Wit & Delight is always sharing really fabulous menswear brands. Search around her blog if you haven’t yet!

  3. Lauren

    Good luck with your new position, you’ll do awesome. I went to high school with one of the guys that started the company, Phil. Tell him I said hi!

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