Stacks on Stacks

stacks on stacks of breakfast

vanilla doughnuts | blueberry lemon waffles | bacon & egg sandwiches with caramelized onions & arugulalemon poppyseed pancakesbanana bread french toast | bagel breakfast sandwiches | chocolate frosted cake doughnuts

Not sure why this popped into my mind this morning. Maybe I’m just really hungry. Maybe I’m looking forward to brunch tomorrow with friends. Maybe I’m unsure how my weekends will look like with my new job and I’m mourning the loss of long weekend brunches. Either way, now I want stacks of everything. Stacks of pancakes and waffles and doughnuts and runny egg sandwiches and unlimited coffee refills. Ok, time to make breakfast.

What are you eating this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Stacks on Stacks

  1. Alyssa

    I would kind of do anything for a breakfast sandwich right now. Well, almost anything…except go out in the NYC snow and actually get one.

  2. Emily

    I would like a very tall stack of pancakes right now, please and thank you. Can’t wait to brunch with you in a few weeks!

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