Happy Weekend

happy weekend croissants

What a week. I got a new job (!) and announced I was leaving GW after over 7.5 years (!) I’m still a bit in shock about all of it.

More details to come about both of these things, but in the meantime I’m diving into another busy weekend…so many things to wrap up at work, a concert, a birthday brunch, karaoke, Oscar’s party, baking, yoga, coffee dates, trying to figuring out a mini vacation somewhere warm for early March, oh and sleep. And maybe a little lovely croissant/crossword break.

What’s on tap for you this weekend? Have any tips for making the transition from one job to another? Where should I go on vacation to lie in the sun and do nothing else?


8 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. Maureen

    I switched jobs and markets in January. It was a huge change and had me reeling for a bit. My advice is simple: really enjoy your time at your old job (especially your colleagues!) and when you get to the new one be patient and gentle with yourself. You will struggle because you won’t have been there for 7.5 years and you won’t knnow how to do everything right. That is ok. That is exactly where you should be when you start a new job. So take a deep breath, and enjoy it! :)

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