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Time to bring back Figuring it Out – and with a blogger whom I admire so much! Victoria McGinley of vmac+cheese is great inspiration. She works so hard and crafts her work into something really special for herself and for her readers. I’ve gotten to know her a bit and I adore that she genuinely cares about building community and helping others succeed. I also love that blogging is a big part of how she figures it out and even inspired her to start her creative services business Vivaleur.

figuring it out with Victoria McGinley of vmac+cheese

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Visual Merchandiser
Graphic Designer
Marketing Executive

What do you do now? Is there anything on your list you still want to do?

Now I’m a full time blogger, blog consultant, and graphic designer. I look at the list and have to laugh. Some of those things aren’t interesting to me at all anymore (and with a few of them, it’s because I tried it!)

figuring it out with Victoria McGinley of vmac+cheese – pretty desk

What inspires you?

Person: I find I’m most inspired by people (especially women) who are whip smart, well read, fearless, strong leaders, funny, risk takers, and dynamic, and can do it all with a sense of style, flair, and self.
Brand: I’ve kind of been a J.Crew girl since about age 15, so I guess I’ll choose them. They are pretty fantastic at reinventing themselves!
Flavor: Food with lots of varying textures.
Color: Warm tones — blushing peaches, oranges, reds
Music: I’m a self-professed music dunce. But I like listening to Coldplay and lounge-y stuff like Federico Aubele, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation
Artist: With the advent of the Internet and e-shops, too many to even list!

When did you realize something you liked was actually one of your passions. What did you decide to do with it?

That’s kind of the way I feel about the entire blogging gig. A hobby that requires you to be creative, write well, hone your graphics and photography skills, stay up to date on the latest happenings in culture, connect with other women, help them when you can, and be part of a community of people who have the same interests as you? Um, let’s make that a JOB, not a hobby!

figuring it out with Victoria McGinley of vmac+cheese

 Tell us about a risk you’ve taken in the process of figuring it out.

I think quitting my job last year was a pretty big risk, although I think I had taken the necessary steps to ensure it wasn’t a stupid risk. I’d saved money for months, had written a solid business plan, established a small client base, and probably most importantly, gathered support from friends and family.

What are the biggest obstacles that you have overcome to get to where you want to be? And if you aren’t there, what are your fears in getting there?

Getting out of my own way. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in your own head, considering all the what ifs and what abouts. The best way to get anything done in your own life, whether it’s a small errand or a major life overhaul, is to just roll up your sleeves and get to work. I think once I stopped wanting things to change overnight, ironically, I was able to see change more quickly.

figuring it out with Victoria McGinley of vmac+cheese – blogging on laptop

How does blogging help you figure it out?

Blogging is such a great platform to experiment. I can try new ways to approach content, learn more about the industry, and then share what I’ve learned with other people. Not only that, blogs provide such an excellent network of friends and supporters. I can’t imagine life without it!

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6 thoughts on “Figuring it Out: Victoria McGinley

  1. Chelsea

    This is my first time over on your blog, and I have to say, I am loving it! This is such a good and thoughtful interview. Love Victoria, she was my Alt. roomie last year and she really is just as nice and enthusiastic as she seems! xo

  2. Anna

    Once again, i’ve loved your post! what a good job you re doing! Is “figuring it out” a regular column or something because I haven’t seen it before but if it is, I really like it!!!
    xxxx Anna from

  3. Jillian

    I got the opportunity to meet for coffee with Victoria this week and I can honestly say, she’s a breath of fresh air! So open minded & just a genuinely awesome girl.

    Love how short & sweet this interview is (less words is more in my mind)!


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