Eating Red: Araceli Paz

Happy Monday friends. I’m ready and wishing for a bright and lively week. How about you? Right now I can’t get enough of the styled food photography by Araceli Paz, but I’m especially crushing on these images in tasty shades of red. Stunning. And mouth-watering. A few of my favorites…

Cupcakes for Breakfast: araceli paz red food styling – sorbet dessert and figsaraceli paz red food styling – raspberries and macaronsCupcakes for Breakfast: araceli paz red food styling – cocktail and chili peppers

3 thoughts on “Eating Red: Araceli Paz

  1. Ellies Wonder

    Oh wow, yum! The first picture of something delicious smeared in red looks the best. Is there a recipe link…or are these pictures strictly visual? Either way, thanks for sharing. I used to live in DC (a year ago) which is how I originally found your blog. It has been fun to watch it grow and progress. Thanks!

    Ellies Wonder

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