2012 Favorite Sweets

favorite 2012 desserts

One more final post of 2012. This one is really to thank everyone who made it such a great year: my family, many new and many old friends, new and old coworkers, my awesome supportive readers, other inspiring bloggers and creatives. 2012 was really the year of the friend for me. I can’t even begin to send my appreciation for everything all the people in my life have done to make this an incredible year.

A few highlights in desserts:

  • • I’m never short of good food nearby in DC and I shared many brunches, cocktails, doughnuts, lattes, gelato, and meals with wonderful friends
  • • Turning 25 and celebrating with all of my favorite people and some Whisked cupcakes
  • • I helped coordinate some beautiful weddings – and ate great cake at the end of each night!
  • • Bloggers becoming friends is pretty awesome. Even better when you’re eating fruit tarts at Martha Stewart or making funnel cake or chocolate soufflé together.
  • • Relaxing worry-free family vacations
  • • New friends, good coffee, fun music, real connections, breakfast pastries.

Cheers to more sweet moments in 2013! xo

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