Election Cake Map

What a crazy week! I guess this post is a day late, but I finally got around to getting it together. I want to share my election night project: #cakemap. I drew a map on to a chocolate sheet cake and as the states were called, we filled them in with blue and red icing. It was a fun (and sweet – we ate a good amount of icing) way to spend election night!

election 2012 cake map outline

punching holes in the Election 2012 cake map

To get the map on the cake, I punched little holes in the outline of a paper map with a push pin. We put the paper map on top of the chocolate cake and dusted powder sugar over it, pressing the sugar into the outline holes. We were hoping to get a clear outline with it but it wasn’t clear or it was pretty faint in some parts, so I ended up free-handing some of it by just looking at a map. The states were pretty misshaped on the East Cost, and I forgot South Carolina at first (oops), but in the end I think it came out great!

filling in the cake map for election 2012 – photo thanks to alejandra owens

filling in the election 2012 cake map

The cake when Obama won with 274 electoral votes:

Obama wins with 274 electoral votes on the cake map

The final cake on Wednesday morning with every state filled in except Florida:

election 2012 cake map - everything but floridafinal election cake map

Thanks AlejandraTammy, and Emily for all your help with Election Cake Map. Have to remember this for four years from now!

8 thoughts on “Election Cake Map

  1. RosaLovesDC

    So instead of watching the coverage on TV about the election, I was following your instagram feed to get all the info I needed, true story!
    Love this idea Nikki.

  2. Jesse

    You know… I TRY to be the creative one… but somehow you always outdo me. Really awesome idea/execution.

  3. Lisa

    Love it! You did a great job, especially considering you’re working with icing – my map would’ve looked like a giant blob of red, white and blue!

  4. mum

    Guess your Montessori education paid off! You always loved the punching work….Christmas felting not far away!!! love mum

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