Happy Weekend

Cupcakes for Breakfast: happy 90th birthday grandpa don

This weekend I’ll be in Ohio celebrating my Grandpa’s 90th birthday with our entire extended family. I’m looking forward to good food, cousin time, embarrassing photos, and the laughs that will surely come from putting 40 Pinciotti’s in one room together. Can’t wait!

The photo above is one of my favorites from when he played minor league baseball for the Memphis Chicks from 1949-1955. My mom is the oldest girl holding the baseball bat. Adorable, right?

4 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. mum

    This was an amazing weekend and as always your contributions made it special — from the pumpkin pie to the big screen run…to remembering a passing comment of mine about itunes….to the technology help…..you are the sweetest. Thanks for the callout — I love curly hair!!
    LOVE mum

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