I’m so tired, I haven’t slept a wink

tired flower girl from Martha Stewart

Feeling like this little girl this week. But I’m trying to push through even on less than four hours of sleep last night. What helps you overcome long, exhausting weeks? Blasting MMMBop? Quick drink with an old friend? Putting on your softest sweatshirt and a pot of coffee? Coworking with someone who makes you laugh? I’m taking any and all suggestions so I can make it out alive by the weekend.

{Image thanks to: Linda Wallace via Martha Stewart}

4 thoughts on “I’m so tired, I haven’t slept a wink

  1. Meg

    Caffeine — and lots of it! And definitely cranking some Hanson. Gets me through even the toughest moments. Hope you’re back to feeling relaxed and rested soon!

  2. Melinda's Musings

    Wow, less than 4 hours of sleep is impossible for me, but I’ve been seeing my boyfriend (who owns his own business and is trying to get a 2nd (and maybe 3rd!) off the ground) do this kind of sleeping schedule for a few weeks now. I know what drives him is that he’s super passionate about his current business and growing his new ones. Yes caffeine can help temporarily, and getting some exercise is great (if you can find time for it) but try to really envision your end goal and how you’ll feel when you get there (at the end of the week or whenever that is for what you’re working on). I’m sure you’re going to feel amazing! If you think about that feeling now it may give you that little motivation to keep going even on sleep-deprivation!!

  3. mum

    Plan a LONG sleep one night (tylenol pm helps) and a nap the next day or early to bed….always helps me catch up! Trust me I know the drill.

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