A Clean Kitchen

I hate my kitchen right now. Reluctantly, I’ve been able to get myself in there to prepare a few farmer’s market inspired meals and bake a cheesecake, but otherwise, I don’t want to even step foot in it. Last week I spotted a mouse on my counter. MY COUNTER. By my dishes and my coffee maker and my olive oil and my cute dish towels. I’ve scrubbed and disinfected. I’ve set up traps, patched holes, and the exterminator is coming soon. I’m trying to not let such a little thing get me down. But I’m still just so disgusted and frustrated by it.

So today I’m dreaming of these kitchens. Where things are clean and sparkly and it’s a treat to cook a meal. Let’s go there. And if you have a kitchen like this, please have me over. I’ll make you spaghetti and a soufflé.

Taste Design kitchenAlbourne House West Sussex - kitchen cabinetsTraditional Home kitchenAshley Stark kitchen in Elle DecorIsabella Favaro KitchenBHG white kitchenRyan's blue and white kitchen

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5 thoughts on “A Clean Kitchen

  1. Meg

    Mice are definitely no fun — been there! Hope your pest problem comes to a good resolution soon. And these kitchens are lovely! I adore natural light . . . hope my future home has plenty of it.

  2. Annie

    I so feel the pain and trauma of that incident– finding an ant in bed will make it hard for me to crawl in afterwards for weeks, so I can only imagine the horror of a rodent ;) I’m with you in adoring these kitchens though!

  3. Heather

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