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I’m super excited about a new series I’m launching today. Much of what I write about is being 25 and having so many different interests and really having no idea what I’m doing. I think so many of us are feel this way, but there’s such a pressure to know who you are and what you’re going to do, that it’s scary to just say “I don’t know yet.” So I wanted to talk about this time in our life a little more. You know, that it’s ok to be a little unsure about life but look at all the cool things we’re doing still.

I love this quote from Lena Dunham: “To me there’s this time of life where you don’t even know what you want, and you don’t know how to want it.” So exact. And so let’s start with one of my favorite DC bloggers, Meg Biram from Mimi + Meg. I’ve admired Meg’s drive, ambitions and variety of talents since we first met last year. Because of these things, she’s the perfect girl to kick off this series…

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Fashion Designer
International Business Woman (whatever that is)
Magazine Editor

What do you do now? Is there anything on your list you still want to do?

I do multiple things: I am a social media/digital brand/marketing consultant. There isn’t really one word to sum all of that up, but I consult advertising agencies on how to work with bloggers, use social media, and come up with digital marketing concepts. I work with business owners and online retailers on how to best market their products on the Internet and how to use social media. I also work with bloggers, helping them figure out how to come up with original content, how to grow their readership, how to promote their blog properly. I’m a blogger myself and I enjoy doing any type of creative collaboration that is interesting — could be design, art, video related. I’m very open to all sorts of projects and ideas. I still do some freelance design work, but am trying to get away from that. And I am an abstract painter.

I still want to be an artist and an entrepreneur. I aim to create the art I know I have in me. I feel like I get to be an editor because of my blog. There is no way I’d actually want to be a lawyer, so I’m not sure why I wanted to do that when I was younger.

What inspires you?

Person: Kelly Wearstler — she’s turned her passion into her career
Brand: kate spade new york — they know how to create a brand that has a personality and use all of the corresponding social media properly
Flavor: Mixtures of things I could never think up. I like chocolate with fruit, sweet with salty, soft with crunchy, hot with cold. I think chefs and mixologists are geniuses!
Color: Color itself is inspiring.
Music: There isn’t much music that I don’t like, or at least appreciate. Anything from classical, to old rock, to alternative. I’m a sucker for anything with a piano or violin in it. But I also like the drums since my brother is a drummer I’ve learned to listen for them. Everything that goes into making an amazing song is beyond me. All of the beats, instruments, voices, lyrics, timing… musicians are amazing.
Artist: I recently saw a giant Willem de Kooning exhibit at the MoMA in NYC, and wow, I almost cried. Seriously. I love abstract artists but appreciate all types of art.


When did you realize something you liked was actually one of your passions. What did you decide to do with it?

The older I get the more I realized I enjoy teaching and mentoring people. Even if it’s just a phone call with a friend or a full-out consulting client. I love watching/helping people figure things out, see the light bulb come on in their head, and succeed. I get so much joy out of seeing others follow their passions that lead them to amazing things.

Tell us about a risk you’ve taken in the process of figuring it out.

When I moved to DC I left a great/stable job to start working for myself. That in itself was a huge risk just not having the stability of a dependable paycheck. The pressure of creating my own paycheck by doing things I’m passionate about keeps me going (and maybe going to much sometimes).

What are the biggest obstacles that you have overcome to get to where you want to be? and if you aren’t there, what are your fears in getting there?

Since I enjoy so many different types of things and aspects of the creative world and business, I’m not focused on only one thing. Which can make breaking into the next level harder. Having a niche can give you a better focus, while having a lifestyle brand is so much more broad. I’m still working on it. My brand is me, my aesthetic, my knowledge, my work, my art. Lots of things.

How does blogging help you figure it out?

It helps me hone in on my aesthetic. I only like to post things I really love or think are interesting. Talking to other bloggers I’ve met through blogging has also helped me figure it out. Learning from/with others is key.

11 thoughts on “Figuring It Out: Meg Biram

  1. mum

    Nikki – this is an exciting series! Your questions are very, very good. Nice work Meg….I would follow you anywhere.

  2. Meg

    Excellent idea for a series — and something with which we can all relate! Loved seeing a fellow Meg’s answers. And it’s nice to know we’re all in the same boat — and figuring what lifts our sails, if you will.

  3. Lisa // Elembee

    What a great idea for a series! It can definitely take a while to realize that you really don’t have to have it all figured out, as long as you’re pursuing the things you love. Enjoyed reading more about Meg’s experiences!

  4. Sarah @ chevrons & stripes

    I lovvvve this new series and could not identify more. It has taken me so long to figure out what industry I want to be in and there are days I still feel all over the place! Excited to see more of these over here…

  5. Julip Made

    Wow! You have pretty much taken much of our conversations and the musings in my head (and I’m pretty sure the head of most other 25s) and put it into one fabulous series. I will definitely be looking forward to the next edition and glad you picked Meg for the first. I agree with you Meg, your brand is definitely your incredible aesthetic and the fact that you stay true to that in all your endeavors!

  6. Leanne

    This is such a great column! As a fellow 25 year-old, I’ve been struggling with this issue for some time now – so many personal and creative interests! How do I meld them together into a future profession? It’s nice to see that others have this feeling, too, and have also built rewarding careers around their passions. Thank you!

  7. Lindsay

    Loving this new series so, so, much! I just turned 26 and can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I’ve had trying to ‘figure it out’! xo

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