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Wild by Cheryl Strayed

If you haven’t read Wild by Cheryl Strayed yet, get yourself to your Kindle stat! I promise you’ll breeze right through it. I can’t tell you enough how special this memoir is…and I don’t even really like outdoorsy things. It’s one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever read. We’ll actually be discussing it tonight at book club (what a novel concept!) and I can’t wait to hear what my friends thought about it.

Side note, Anthropologie has some beautiful scarves right now! Like this explorer scarf above or this one I bought this weekend. Perfect for my much-anticipated summer to fall transition.

5 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration

  1. Laura

    Oh I literally JUST finished this book and adored it as well. I would have found it hard not to roll my eyes at how unprepared she was if I’d met her early on in her hike, but the way she writes honestly (and humorously!) about those errors, 20-ish years later, endeared her to me so much. I wonder, what did your book club focus the discussion on about this book?


    Such a great quote. I have read many great things about this book, you know if Oprah loves it then, it has to be good:)



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