Feeling Full for Fall

While flipping though some old magazines this week, I came across this photo from Marie Claire in March 2009 that I instantly was drawn to a second time. Bright full skirt, graphic tee, pop of pattern, a red lip, and baubles. This could easily be my early fall uniform.

full skirt in Marie Claire March 2009

I often shy away from full skirts because I think they look best with heels, and let’s be honest, how often do I actually wear those? But a full skirt is just so ladylike and these below are such eye candy. I love the idea of pairing them with a tee and structured blazer or cropped suede jacket. And the gold sequined one? I die. Can you pick a favorite?

 full skirts for fall

pink striped mesh skirt | striped satin skirt | striped cotton jersey skirtsequined silk-chiffon skirt | floral silk-voile skirt | posh pleat skirt

2 thoughts on “Feeling Full for Fall

  1. Krista @ Blonde Aesthetic

    I actually had this problem this morning when I was getting ready. My internal conversation went something like this – “Oh, a full skirt, let’s wear that…oh, but I don’t want to wear heels. It’s August and my boss is on vacation. But I want to wear a full skirt. but do I have to wear heels. SIIIIIGH.” I loooove the gold sequined one!!

  2. Annie

    I sort of agree- I think they do look best with heels, which I actually NEVER wear. But I lovee the look of a full skirt. So classy.

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