Room with a View

I’ve been spending a few nights a week on my rooftop, which has been a great little escape from the city streets below. Last night you could even see the stars! But these lovely images have me yearning for a tiny balcony. A place to grow some flowers and eat perfect little breakfasts while reading the paper. I don’t need a lot of space, just my own little room with a view.

balcony with a view from alvhem

balcony room from alvhemcozy balcony from alvhemtwo cute Swedish balconies from alvhemred balcony from alvhemlittle Swedish balcony from alvhem

city balcony with a view

all images from Alvhem 

4 thoughts on “Room with a View

  1. Annie

    I love these!! My perfect version of morning includes breakfast on a balcony. A little escape from the rest of the world it seems.

  2. Leanne

    I just moved to a place with a balcony! Right now, we only have two plastic yard chairs, but I can’t wait to get decorating. Love this inspiration.

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