Side by Side: Mint & Peach Party

Go to this sweet party. Wear this sweet dress. Eat cake and twirl!

Peach and mint party with a Jenna Rae cake table and an Oasis ASOS dress

Jenna Rae Cakes dessert table // Oasis Color Block Pleat Dress

PS. Check out my guest-post about my beach bag (including my favorite pink polka dot bikini) on The Capital Barbie today!

3 thoughts on “Side by Side: Mint & Peach Party

  1. Christina

    Nikki- I’m totally loving this combo! Elegant and serene, yet punchy and fun in that same breath. Seems like a party needs to be thrown now. :)

  2. Shannon

    Spot on! You have such an eye for creative…and your pairings always make me think outside the box, I can only imagine the creativity bursting from you!

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