In the Moment

Just happened upon Michael Graydon‘s photography and I’m seriously in love. All of his images have this wanderlust spirit that just transports me to another place. I’m particularly captivated by his photos that seem to capture a moment, even though they’re more portrait than documentary. It’s like we caught someone making waffles for their sweetheart or just missed the kid who ran through a swinging gate. Stunning.

Michael Graydon photography: wafflesMichael Graydon photography paint jarMichael Graydon photography dining sceneMichael Graydon photography dinnerMichael Graydon photography gate

Please, go browse the rest of Michael’s portfolio.

3 thoughts on “In the Moment

  1. mum

    You’re right…I feel like I have been there. They create such a sense of place….just like the ones from last weekend you took. Does GW have a photography course you could take? You are getting really good!! love, mum

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