Le Repose

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This week I was transported back to life before blogging. I took a little break. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t want to. But honestly, it was lovely.

I got together with my three best girlfriends whom I studied abroad with in Paris. We all brought our moleskin journals that we wrote it almost every day while in France. We documented stories and quotes, fears and silly dreams. It was all there. We reread them out loud and laughed so hard about Berlin bar crawls, our host families quirks, and outrageous things said over too much wine and too little sleep. Our trip didn’t involve tweets, and we don’t have our crappy little French pay-by-the-minute phones with text records. Our four months in Paris live together in five collective notebooks. Seriously, how special is that?

It was refreshing to go back to that. Except for a few instagrams here and there – did you see all the meat I ate in Texas?? – we went back to enjoying each other, exploring, and falling over laughing.

I didn’t get frustrated at myself for not reading any blogs. My feed currently says I have 2945 unread posts. I stopped feeling guilty for not posting every day. I’ll get back into it and pick up just where I left off as soon as I’m back in DC. It’s going to be ok.

Have you taken a break away from something that’s such a big part of your life before? Even if it’s for a day…I totally recommend it. You’ll return inspired and motivated. And will have a little more appreciation for life’s simpler pleasures. La vie douce.

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6 thoughts on “Le Repose

  1. Jenn

    I’ve been doing the same thing lately. I naturally step back from blogging every summer, but I’m feeling it much more keenly this year — kind of like I want to disappear from the fray for a little bit and just enjoy my private life.

    I’ve always felt guilty when fall rolls around with that back-to-school feeling, but I’ve never really regretted prioritizing barbecues, hikes and sunsets over a daily blog schedule.

    I’m so glad you were able to get away for a bit!

  2. MJ

    I missed you! But, I totally get it. I quit both my Twitter accounts 2 weeks ago, and I don’t miss them at all! It’s given me so much more free time to love the people I have and be me.

    On a separate note, love that you all kept your journals and revisited them. What a great way to mark growth! You are a thousand steps ahead of where I was at 25. I love it! xoxo

  3. mum

    A break from the daily grind, the nonstop beeps and buzzes is very important for a balanced life. Friends, memories, laughter, time together, and time to rejuvenate your spirit are essential. Glad you have returned to center…love, mom

  4. Meg

    There’s nothing like getting away. As soon as my boyfriend and I landed in California last month, I put my phone on silent — and though I occasionally texted friends and family, called home or Instagram-ed some things, I was mostly off the grid. It was glorious, and I didn’t feel guilty . . . in fact, it was the opposite: I felt completely refreshed! Everyone needs a break. It’s crucial.

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